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Bully Wags

Dog accessories that are built to last and look great!

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Our Story

The idea of Bully Wags started when my dog, Harley, ran away from me because her leash clip came off. I had that leash for about 6 months and the clip had loosened up, and would come off with movements like shaking, weird twists, etc. I wanted to look for aesthetically pleasing accessories for my dog that were also heavy duty, so this nightmare wouldn't happen again.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide dog accessories made of heavy-duty materials that are also aesthetically pleasing and functional. Focused on bully and large breeds.

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Our values

Our main values are quality, sustainability, continuous improvement and love. Bully Wags is for people that see pets as family member and not "just animals".

Our products main features

Frog Clip Buckle

The unescapable frog clip is heavy duty yet easy to use, you just have to press on both sides. It's made from strong corrossion resistant materials.

PVC webbing

The leash's webbing is coated with PVC, a strong but light material. It's weatherproof and very easy to use. You can forget about friction burns with this buttery material. 

360º swivel

You can enjoy tangle free walks with the 360º swivel. 

Metal Buckles

The Everyday Xtreme harness has metal buckles, perfect for those who have strong dogs as they can handle maximum strength. To open the quick release buckles, you just have to press on both sides.

Breathable mesh

The harness is padded with breathable mesh thinking of bully breeds since they have the tendency to overheat easily. This will help your dog to stay cool while being gentle on the skin.

Handle & Front Clip

The back handle is very handy as it will help you get quick control and a firm but safe grip of your dog.
The front clip will provide more control over your dog, and can help you manage a strong pulling dog while the back ring will provide more freedom.